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Creating visionary strategy

We will help your organisation to create a strategy that will work for your customers, people and owners in that order.


We’ve found that organisations which put too much reliance on financial results are not the ones that thrive in the long-term. We believe that an effective, sustainable strategy must have ‘a purpose beyond profit’ and deliver:


  • unsurpassed customer loyalty and trust

  • exceptional, sustained staff engagement; and

  • a true competitive advantage: something that is different from competitors, long-term in nature, difficult to replicate and valued by your customers.


We will help your organisation to build a strategy that will work and last. We have developed a strategic framework to use as a road-map and which fits all the pieces together in the right positions. To complete your strategic framework you’re going to need a lot of purposeful debate and difficult conversations, which we can help you to facilitate. 

At Communication Counts we offer masterclasses, on-line training and individual coaching on how to create visionary strategies that will work for your organisation, and communicate them in an emotionally compelling, memorable way. All our programmes can be tailored to your organisation’s goals and values.

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