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Build a remarkable relationship with your board

We help senior executives to create remarkable relationships with their boards.


Even for the most senior leaders, the boardroom can be a daunting place. Some of the challenges facing you may include: 

  • different interests around the board table

  • differences of opinion over strategic direction between the board and management

  • setting balanced and effective performance measures for management

  • over-emphasis on short-term financial performance, to the detriment of customers 

  • having limited time to present a complex subject on which you, not the board are the expert

  • delivering bad news

  • the board delving into issues reserved for management

  • anxiety or fear.


We help you develop the personal and psychological qualities to build trust and credibility with your board: 

  • building relationships with individual board members

  • confidence, not arrogance

  • listening skills

  • emotional intelligence

  • persuasiveness

  • the art of storytelling in a board context

  • unselfishness

  • honesty

  • courage

  • pragmatism

  • resilience

At Communication Counts we offer masterclasses and individual coaching on how to apparoach all these issues, and build a remarkable relationship of trust, credibility and strategic alignment with your board. All our programmes can be tailored to your organisation’s goals and values.

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