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Having purposeful debates

We help people and organisations reach their full potential through purposeful debate.

We believe that purposeful debate and criticism has a powerful role to play in sorting the good ideas from the bad ones quickly, and turning good ideas into great ones. Let’s be clear, we’re talking about debate and criticism of ideas, not people or personalities.

There are risks associated with introducing this source of conflict into our organisations unless the right framework is put around it: this is where Communication Counts’ expertise is invaluable. We’ve got a proven track record of successfully embedding and using purposeful debate in organisations.

At Communication Counts we offer masterclasses, on-line training and individual coaching on how to:

  • build a culture of debate where the criticism of ideas and concepts is embraced, but feedback is neither meant nor taken personally

  • embed the necessary disciplines to support debate and criticism

  • build the competencies required for purposeful debate and criticism: resilience, capacity, confidence, discipline and maturity.


All our programmes can be tailored to your organisation’s goals and values.

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