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Public speaking

- with (or without) hypnotherapy

We will help you to become a truly remarkable speaker.


Using our unique combination of skills and experience we can help you to become the speaker you’ve always wanted to be. We can help with any situation from harnessing the emotion of your audience to presenting complex information to your board.


75% of the people reading this page will have a fear of public speaking. For about 20% of us, our fear is significant enough to cause problems in work, school, or in social settings: these people are probably suffering from a full-blown phobia. Of course, many people can swallow their fear, grit their teeth and get through it as best they can. Yet, nearly all of us would like to be better at public speaking in some way.

At Communication Counts, we’ve done everything from deliver highly complex proposals to boards of directors, appear on live TV and radio, give speeches at international conferences, right through to performing stand-up comedy at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. Put simply. we know what we’re talking about!

At Communication Counts we offer masterclasses, on-line training and individual coaching on how to:


  • deal with fear and anxiety about public speaking (with the option of hypnotherapy)

  • be memorable (in the right way)

  • use the power of storytelling

  • form an emotional connection with your audience

  • get to the core of the issues and explain complex ideas clearly and completely

  • inspire action and obtain agreement.


All our programmes can be tailored to your organisation’s goals and values.

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