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Communication for remarkable leaders

Great communication is the foundation of remarkable leadership.

Remarkable leaders understand that great communication is the single most important tool in leadership. Remarkable leaders can inspire others to do things without the need to exercise control or power over them. If you can inspire people to do things that they would otherwise not do, just through the power of communication, you are a truly remarkable leader.

Remarkable leaders know how to use all the different facets of communication. Remarkable leaders:​

  • create an emotional response by establishing a neural connection and subconcious alignment with their audience

  • know how to use the power of storytelling in different business contexts

  • know that everything they say should be framed as a conversation, not a monologue

  • know when to stop talking and listen, to be open-minded and to seek out opposing views

  • hear what is being said and intuitively understand what is not being said

  • use emotional intelligence to read their audience and truly connect with them as individuals

  • build trust and credibility with their audience: they don’t just assume is it a given

  • know their subject

  • communicate with clarity, distilling the key message, so that every word counts

  • understand how to use psychology and techniques such as Neurolinguistic Programming in communication

  • communicate with empathy, not ego

​At Communication Counts we use our unique blend of skills in senior leadership, business, strategy, psychology, neurolinguistic programming (NLP)  and hypnotherapy, to coach all the facets of great communication and create truly remarkable leaders.

We offer masterclasses, on-line training and individual coaching. All our programmes can be tailored to your organisation’s goals and values.

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